Group Therapy

Unlock that which is holding you back in your life. Find out why. Get free from it.

What Happens in Group

In each group session you?ll experience Radical Aliveness group process work for building a better relationship with yourself and others (i.e., partners, family, co-workers and society).

Together, as a group, we?ll come to know one another. Connect in ways that help us address and release negative emotions, energetic blocks in our bodies and beliefs that hold us back from following our impulses in life. We?ll connect to our higher self and from that place experience ways in which to take more risks in moving forward with our life?s passions and build a deeper relationship with self and others.

Upcoming and Ongoing Events

Eating Disorder Group - Closed

Contact us to be notified of the next available group you can participate in. It would be great to have you. Groups are held in Santa Monica and? Westchester, CA

Transformation Series

Our next series will be in February 2019. Get on our mailing list in the footer below to be informed.

In Treatment Addiction Recovery & Trauma Group Support

These groups are closed. If you would like one provided at your treatment center, please contact us.

Breathworks S2S

Coming Soon.

Contact us to be notified of the next available Breathworks?S2S night. Or to ask us any questions. It would be great to have you.

Benefits of Group Therapy

Our Group Therapy Experiences will Benefit People, Practitioners or Clinicians:

  • looking to begin or better their relationship with themselves,
  • feeling the need to go deeper in their personal development work,
  • desiring to do work that can help accelerate their growth,
  • seeking to uncover and discard what?s holding them back in their life,
  • needing ways to recharge themselves after working with their clients,
  • searching to be exposed to new tools to use when working with clients.

What?s Amazing about a group? What do you get out of it?

Why Do Mind-Body Group Therapy

In this work, you get to open up?on a body level (it has its own language and speak) – remembering, releasing, closing, opening, pulsing, trembling, vibrating joyfully and discovering. Our minds can work to make sense of it or manage?it or control it or protect it. It will even judge it. And hold us back from listening to it – such as listening to our intuition or gut feeling for direction. In this work: our memories, learned values and beliefs, social codes and stories all come in to play. We become mindful of all of these above factors. We use self-compassion – softening, soothing and allowing – to help us accept and be with all of who we are and to meet life’s challenges without taking it out on ourselves and others. This helps us to learn from our life experiences and make lasting changes in our life. Ones that lead to our happiness and purpose. We journal about that which is coming up in the work. We use all that comes up in the group as?material for your self-discovery work and growth.

Group is the place where you will get to – go at your own pace – and be with all this and experience it with others and get feedback and take risks (and claim or experiment with your boundaries and edges). You will create new perceptions to empower you. You will get to come through more of these gyrations and the more you are free to emote the more your heart center will begin to play into all this. You will begin to know in new ways what is real now and what is our history talking (and holding us back in our life).

In other words, doing this expressive work … and having a space to release and claim and be fully alive in your body-mind will give you the opportunity to uncover your wisdom, your truth, and trusting in it. This doesn?t happen overnight and it is an evolutionary process. Join us.

Schedule your free 15 minute consultation today.

In this fifteen minute consultation you?ll have an opportunity to tell your story and share your struggles. Together we?ll identify what you really need and want and determine the best course of action for you.

Our Clients Say It Best…

My 16 year old daughter and I have been working with Lisa for three years. We feel very fortunate to have found her and have her in our lives. She is a deeply insightful and caring person who genuinely wants to help people heal emotionally and spiritually.

Her vast knowledge and experience helped diagnose my daughter’s illness, anorexia nervosa. ?A year into the recovery work, Lisa recommended my daughter to get an inpatient/outpatient treatment program at Eating Recovery Center in Denver. This two-month experience was so crucial in her recovery. Lisa’s recommendation was a true life saver. Upon discharge, Lisa got her an exceptional nutritionist and a highly skilled physician who both specialize in eating disorder.

Currently my daughter meets with Lisa and the nutritionist on a weekly basis, and the physician when needed.

My daughter and I fully trust in Lisa’s guidance and counsel. We feel extremely fortunate to be under her compassionate and competent care. She is true gold!

Ine K. Mother of Teen Daughter

Lisa has helped me more than words can describe. The first time I saw her, I was struggling in the depths of my anorexia, and I felt completely hopeless, isolated, and alone. It was Lisa who advised me to seek residential treatment, and two years later, I can safely say that both changed and saved my life. It gave me hope that I could beat my illness. I wholeheartedly believe in the techniques and tools Lisa has shown me to guide me along the long path of recovery, and the help she has given me with self love and self compassion. I couldn?t be more grateful!

Kira K.Teen, Age 16 (See Mom?s Testimonial

Lisa has been so influential in my life. Through her soul to soul practice, she has given me so much guidance and relief from the breaking to the healing. She guides through obstacles, and teaches the necessary tools to help guide ones self. She has taught me that no one grows when they’re comfortable, and her teachings stem from the loving of ones inner self to guide the soul to bloom, and therefore help to grow and expand as spiritual human beings. I appreciate all that she is doing for me.

Kasey K.Teen, Age 16 (see Mom?s Testimonial)

Lisa’s High Vibrational classes are a comfortable, inviting, warm experience for looking deeper into yourself if you are seeking more fulfillment in your life or are feeling lost.

K. McCurdyAccount Manager, This Moment, Inc.

Lisa knows how to address any personal issue you may have. She has a very gentle, intuitive approach and puts people instantly at ease. A very relaxing, rewarding experience.

W. Vallentin DoePR Account Director, Step 3 Public Relations

I came to Lisa right after I learned I was diabetic. I knew my diet and lifestyle needed to change if I wanted to live a long, healthy life for my wife and 3 kids? Thanks to Lisa’s program I’ve lost over 60 lbs? I’m grateful for having found Lisa, she truly cares about me and is committed to seeing me reach all my personal health goals.

J. RamirezBakery Owner

Lisa asks the important questions, to get to the root of the problem and assess what would make me not only healthier, but happier. Our sessions are informative, inspiring and the results have been transformational.

E. BricHR Director, VANS Shoes

Thank you Lisa, for your compassionate and honest support during a very difficult time in my life. You’ve helped me look within myself for healing and growth. Your insight and nurturing style helped me gain an in-depth understanding of myself and the world around me. Our work together has helped me take the next steps in my life needed to grow and prosper and be the strong person that I was meant to be. Thank you for your invaluable support.

L. MilichStudent

Without Lisa?s assistance our employees would not have been able to get through the Company 30 Day Health Challenge with such success!? I would recommend Lisa to any organization looking to start a wellness program or a health challenge! She?s extremely knowledgeable and professional!!!

A. DavidsonHR Director, One on One Academic Tutors

I?ve been?working with Lisa?for the past month, and have been absolutely blown away with how motivating?she is, and with the amazing results I?m receiving. She is?highly knowledgeable in?her field, and knows exactly how to strike the perfect balance between offering upbeat encouragement, while pushing?me to my maximum potential by teaching new and exciting?lessons each week.

H. MuirAllure Magazine - Beauty Editor

After?doing?a six month program it completely changed my life.? My mind, body, and soul has had a complete makeover.? It was the most efficient and user friendly program I have ever experienced.

S. FormanCharriol Fine Jewelry - Sales Manager

I found the programs to be a great success. Never have I felt so physically and emotionally healthy. The results were very satisfying and worth all of the time and effort.

C. FisherFinancial Analyst

Working with?Lisa?has been an amazing experience. I feel fantastic! She is?a wealth of knowledge in her field. I would recommend?her to anyone I know wanting to make real change their life!

E. WheelerStay?At-Home Mom

I?ve been?working with Lisa?for 5 weeks and I love it! I?ve already dropped?one pant size. The program has really helped me get on the right track of eating better; I?ve lost 10lbs so far.

J. KakalecPre-School Teacher
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